Delna Prevents a Limited Participant Selection for the Skanste Tram Line Construction Project Development

On January 12th Transparency International Latvia (Delna) received a Resolution from the Procurement Monitoring Bureau, demanding the Riga City Traffic (Riga municipal limited liability company) to stop the public procurement process for the Skanste tram line construction project and to begin a new procurement process, taking into consideration the information contained in the Resolution.


The Resolution comes as a response to Delna’s petition from December 22nd, in which Delna brought attention to the Riga City Traffic procurement flaws that unfairly limit the potential number of contenders and curtails competition. In addition, Delna asked for all necessary assessments to be made for the procurement procedure and the demands included in the regulation.


The Procurement Monitoring Bureau has remarked upon 17 points that need to be clarified, including the need to make a joint procurement for designing and supervision, and requiring the Riga City Traffic to specify the criterion for evaluating the most financially beneficial offer and other regulations.


In accordance with the Integrity Pact signed between Delna and the Riga City Traffic on 25th November, 2016, Delna has begun to monitor the Riga City Traffic’s project “Riga’s Tram Line Infrastructure Development” and has prevented the first potential corruption risk. Delna will continue to follow the candidate selection procedure and will take part in meetings in order to ensure that the values of equality and transparency are respected.


As a reminder, when the Riga City Traffic signed the Integrity Pact (Contract) with Delna, the Riga City Traffic as “Riga’s Tram Line Infrastructure Development” project developer confirmed that they will refrain from illegal or corrupt actions during the project realization process. Delna as a civil society organization will oversee that their commitment is fulfilled.


In addition to the Integrity Pact pledge and tasks, in the beginning of January Delna turned to the Riga City Council requesting information about the real estate that will be expropriated in order to complete the tram line infrastructure development project.


More information in Latvian: https://delna.lv/lv/2017/01/12/11952/

More information about Integrity Pact: https://delna.lv/lv/intergritates_pakts_2016/ip-jaunumi/


Contact: Liene Gatere, Transparency International Latvia, Deputy Director, liene.gatere@delna.lv, +371 67285585.

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