In 2019 and 2020, Transparency International Latvia (Delna) will implement the EU Commission-funded project “Integrity Watch: online tools for the fight against political corruption in Europe” (Integrity Watch). The project is led by Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin and will be implemented together with Transparency International EU and other 7 TI chapters across Europe.

The project aims to create user-friendly digital platforms for monitoring political corruption in the Parliaments, by connecting relevant registers of public interest, such as asset declarations and political financing database, parliamentary records and lobbying registers..

Delna will update and improve functionality of its digital platform for monitoring the integrity of Saeima’s MPs, www.deputatiuzdelnas.lv. A new section will be created with aggregated information and visualisation about the records of the parliament as a whole. The platform was last updated during the 2018 parliamentary elections with information about more than 100 candidates.

Within the project Delna will collect and clean data from 3 main public datasets – the State Revenue Service’s (VID) asset declaration database, the KNAB’s political financing database, and Saeima’s voting records, which are now available in open data format in Latvia’s central open data portal www.data.gov.lv. After collecting information from these registers, Delna will carry out data analysis to identify patterns and useful statistics. In turn, these will be used to generate a number of recommendations for policy-makers to improve the integrity of Latvia’s political system through reforms on political financing, conflict of interests and lobbying.


Project Manager: Antonio Greco

E-mail: antonio.greco@delna.lv

Ph.: + (39) 3282671909


This publication was funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police.


Co-funded by the European Union  

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