Why to raise the alarm in the workplace and how to prevent cryptocurrency crimes and the use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering? These are the questions we discusseed year at the conversation festival LAMPA on 21 August. 

14:00 – 15: 00 (EET)

Conversation – Why to raise the alarm in the workplace?

How to raise concerns through whistleblowing in the workplace? Whistleblowers are often unsure whether they will be protected or not. 

Transparency International Latvia and it’ s initiative Alliance against Corruption in Latvia has published a handbook for whistleblowers, which step by step explains what is whistleblowing and how to raise the alarm in the workplace. 

We invite to this discussion potential whistleblowers, business representatives and representatives of national and municipal bodies, prosecutors, judges, research fellows, journalists, students, and other interested parties to talk about how to facilitate whistleblowing, strengthen whistleblowing systems and to protect whistleblowers.  


Inese Tauriņa, Director of Transparency International Latvia / Delna


Prof. Dr. Erik Meijboom, Pediatric Cardiologist and Whistleblower from the Netherlands

Kristīne Rapa, Head of Trade Union of Latvijas Finieris

Krista Asmusa, Legal Advisor at Transparency International Latvia / Delna

Evita Goša, Environmental and Legal Director at SCHWENK Latvija and Member of the Board


15:30 – 17:00 (EET)

Conversation – Cryptocurrencies and money laundering. How to prevent these crimes? 

What risks of money laundering will Latvia face in the upcoming years? Cryptocurrencies are getting popular worldwide and in Latvia, this type of currency is used to make money laundering less visible in order to hide the origin of illicit money. 

How to prevent cryptocurrency crimes? What is our knowledge? What is our capacity? 

We invite experts to this discussion to disclosure current cryptocurrency challenges and to share international and Latvian experience and practice in fighting cryptocurrency crimes in money laundering schemes.  


Paulis Iļjenkovs, Deputy Head of Strategic Analysis Division of Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia


Maarten van der Zwan (the Netherlands), an expert in tackling cryptocurrency money laundering  

Toms Platacis, Deputy Head at Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia

Agnese Rudzīte, Director of Anti-Money Laundering Department at Latvian State Revenue Service

Kirils Solovjovs, Founder of the IT security company “possible.lv” and developer of the e-Saeima

Agneta Rumpa, Assistant of a Sworn Advocate at Sorainen Law Firm 


The event is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Transparency Fund. 

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