• IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: 01.01.2022–31.12.2023
  • DONOR: European Commision, project partner Transparency International.
  • CONTACT: Inese Taurina


Integrity Watch 3.0 – Online Tool to Fight Political Corruption in Europe

Corruption is a widespread and serious problem in the European region, so IW 3.0 will develop a range of online tools for law enforcement, citizens, civil society, and journalists to detect and prevent political corruption. Integrity Watch 3.0 (IW 3.0) iteration repurposes data from visualisation to risk-management.

IW 3.0 is a grant running from 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2023, provided by the European Commission – DG for Migration and Home Affairs. It involves TI-S as the global coordinator, TI EU, the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation and 15 TI chapters in the EU.

Since 2014, Itegrity Watch is the leading online hub that monitors integrity in political decision making across Europe. IW collects and harmonises hard-to-access data into searchable platforms, allowing watchdogs, journalists and officials to keep office holders in check. IW 3.0 will expand from 8 to 16 countries, include resource allocation data, and develop detection tools of conflicts of interest, undue influence and flows of criminal money. Read more on the TI website ->


  • Improved the ability of relevant agencies, civil society and media to measure and detect corruption risks, and prevent political corruption;
  • Increased domestic and cross-border coordination and cooperation between relevant stakeholders in government, civil society, and media.


We will achieve the goals of the project by implementing various activities, such as:

  • Improved the ability of relevant agencies, civil society and media to measure and detect corruption risks, and prevent political corruption;
  • Increased domestic and cross-border coordination and cooperation between relevant stakeholders in government, civil society and media,
  • Joined-up datasets, dashboards and risk indicators;
  • Law enforcement, civil society and media detection and prevention capacities;
  • Best practice and tech/data-based tools conducive to deterring political corruption;
  • A European Community of Practice that shares lessons and best practice as well as advocates for better standards.


The action aims at strengthened safeguards for the prevention, detection and reduction of political corruption risks in 16 EU countries, contributing to revert problems:

  • Flawed quality of political integrity data;
    Weak risk-management tools;
    Insufficient oversight institutional mandates and capacities.


Delna’s Work in the previous project “Integrity Watch” – www.deputatiuzdelnas.lv

INTEGRITY WATCH – A NEW TOOL TO MONITOR PARLIAMENT (04.03.2019). In 2019 and 2020, Transparency International Latvia (Delna) will implement the EU Commission-funded project “Integrity Watch: online tools for the fight against political corruption in Europe” (Integrity Watch). The project aims to create user-friendly digital platforms for monitoring political corruption in the Parliaments, by connecting relevant registers of public interest, such as asset declarations and political financing database, parliamentary records and lobbying registers.

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL LATVIA RELEASES NEW UPDATE TO THE PLATFORM “DEPUTĀTI UZ DELNAS” (30.03.2021). Transparency International Latvia has released a new update to the platform “Deputāti uz Delnas”. The platform now includes a new section called “MP database”, in which users can visualize basic statistics about the MPs currently sitting in the Parliament and, through a “MP grid”, can easily access basic profile information, and data on donations to political organizations and outside interests associated to a specific MP. In addition, TI Latvia also updated the dataset on political financing, which now includes data on private donations, member donations and MPs’ donations for 2020. Along with the updates to the platform, TI Latvia has published a brochure explaining what “Deputāti uz Delnas” is, its functionalities as well as how it can be used to identify trends and patterns on political financing and MPs’ interest and asset declarations.

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL LATVIA LAUNCHES A NEW VERSION OF THE POPULAR WEBSITE “DEPUTĀTI UZ DELNAS” (17.12.2021). Transparency International Latvia (Delna) has launched a new version of the website Deputāti uz Delnas. The website features interactive tools that allow users to easily explore data and information about the finances of political parties as well as Members of the Parliament’s outside interests. Data and information were collected from the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau’s political financing database and State Revenue Service’s database of public official’s declarations. Together with the website, TI Latvia also published a brief explorative analysis of data on political financing and MPs’ declared interests in 2018-2019. The analysis seeks to understand to what extent political parties have relied on a small number of private donors, provide an overview of outside interests of MPs’ who were in office at the end of 2019, and assess how these have variated compared to 2018.

PRESENTING THE NEW VERSION OF DEPUTĀTI UZ DELNAS (17.12.2021).  The video recording (Latvian and English) of online event. Program: Introduce the new version of deputatiuzdelnas.lv and explain its main functionalities, Explain how the website was developed, which data sources were used and what are the planned next steps, Explain the background of the project and the creation of similar tools to monitor political integrity across other seven EU Member States and two EU Institutions, Receive initial feedback from participants and discuss future updates to the website.


This project was funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police. The content of this project represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.

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