Transparency International Latvia (TI Latvia) published a research “International whistleblowing system in companies” in autumn 2022. The purpose of research was to explore the experience of state and municipality-owned enterprises, as well as private companies in the process of establishment and implementation as well as operation of the internal whistleblowing system. The research is based on the interviews conducted with ten companies.

Our goal was to find out what are the different practices, understand which are the most effective models and help companies improve their internal whistleblowing systems. To achieve that, TI Latvia came up with four main themes that are described and analyzed in the research:

  • establishment of an internal whistleblowing system;
  • it’s characteristics;
  • operation of the system;
  • broader impact of it on the company.


Research shows that those companies who normalise whistleblowing and integrate it in their daily work also experience the largest benefits of the system. Interviews show that whistleblowing helps to solve both minor problems and major violations and minimise company’s losses. Whistleblowing Law as a whole is of high quality and guarantees protection of the whistleblowers, motivates to report.  Problems related to the implementation of the Law mostly are due to lack of communication or ineffectiveness of it. Each state has to create more platforms through which members of society can share thoughts and experience about the openness, accountability and transparency of businesses, corruption risks and integrity as well as the role of civic participation in a democratic society.

Read the research here (pdf file) ->

Drafting of this Article is financed by Society Integration Foundation from Latvian state budget allocated by the Ministry of Culture. Transparency International Latvia is responsible for the content.

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