• PROJECT DURATION: 01.08.2022 – 28.02.2024
  • PROJECT COST: EUR 19,780.86
  • FINANCING: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein from the European Economic Area and a Norwegian grant administered by the Active Citizens Fund in Latvia.
  • CONTACT: Inese Tauriņa

THE AIM OF THE PROJECT: to develop new financial sources unrelated to existing projects and activities:

– creating strategic cooperation with companies in Latvia and integrating them into Delna’s initiatives,

– implementing international projects with an emphasis on transferring experience to less democratic and legal countries, as well as in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Delna’s activities in attracting additional funding and increasing financial independence are also stimulated by the Corruption Perception Index 2020. In order to respond to Latvia’s corruption problems cooperation with the private sector should be developed, companies should be informed about how they can contribute to the fight against corruption and develop honest business by creating strategic cooperation with Delna. In order to respond to the international nature of corruption, Delna’s activities should be developed from the national level to the international level, working with the reduction of corruption not only in Latvia, but also in more distant neighboring regions (cooperation development projects).

The project’s activities will contribute to Delna’s financial stability and content-wise attract and integrate the private sector into the  organization’s anti-corruption community, as well as allow to build knowledge base on participation in international projects and enlarge fighting against corruption to international level and transfer organizations experience to the regions in need.

The project’s indirect target group is public, who will get information about the project’s activities and who may become business representatives, NGO members and civically active people in the future.

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