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MTRK (in Uzbek) Rasmiy Kanal June 3, 2024
Lettland will Mangan-Transport nach Russland stoppen (in German) Deutsche Welle April 17, 2024
Latvia mulls ban on manganese cargo to Russia (in English) Deutsche Welle April 15, 2024
Concerns about delayed €210 million tender by Rīga City Council (in English) LSM.LV February 27, 2024
Transparency watchdog: Latvia’s corruption cops should be seen more (in English) LSM.LV February 14, 2024
Rīga road surfacing controversy rumbles on (in English) LSM.LV January 25, 2024
Latvian Radio investigation involves dog, homeless man, gas station, animal shelter, billionaire… (in English) LSM.LV September 29, 2023
Call for GPS tracking of official vehicles (in English) LSM.LV July 23, 2023
Delna: investigator’s replacement was unnecessary and only hurt RD Transport Department case (in English) Baltic News Network July 17, 2023
Latvian bank owner faces murder plot trial over lawyer’s killing (in English) Financial Times May 19, 2023
Dismantling of Soviet-era monument in Riga to be started in coming weeks (in English) The Baltic Times August 4, 2022
Latvia improves in corruption perception ranking (in English) LSM.LV January 22, 2022
A Latvian Bank’s Last Sweetheart Deal for Kremlin-Linked Clients (in English) Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project October 6, 2021
U.S.-Sanctioned Mayor Who Ran Latvia Is Found Guilty of Graft (in English) Bloomberg February 22, 2021
Kritik mot Swedbank och SEB från antikorruptionshåll (in Swedish) SVT (Sveriges Television) June 18, 2020
Lettland kämpft gegen ein Netz der Korruption (in German) NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) April 29, 2020
Baltic joint proposal makes top 8 in global IMF Anti-Corruption Challenge (in English) Estonian Public Broadcasting March 1, 2020
Pitkä vankilatuomio uhkaa Latvian keskuspankin pääjohtajaa (in Finnish) KALEVA.FI October 31, 2019
Latvian Officials Freeze More Than EUR 100 Million at US Blacklisted Bank MONEYLAUNDERING.COM September 26, 2019
Latvia criticized for choosing banker to police banks REUTERS September 20, 2019
Latvia needs to fix the lobby area- Council of Europe  (in Russian) LSM.LV June 3, 2019
Dirty money, bloody murder Tortoise media June 1, 2019
Lettonia, vivere all’ombra del Cremlino (in Italian) la Repubblica April 29, 2019
Corruption scandal casts long shadow  over Latvia REUTERS April 12, 2019
Der Populismus in Europa und Seine Folgen in Lettland (in German) GOETHE INSTITUT Spring, 2019
Eu Neigbours: EUAM advocates for enhanced whistleblower protection in Ukraine  Unian February 1, 2019
Workshop in Lviv advocates for enhanced whistleblower protection EUAM UKRAINE January 30, 2019
Liquidating ABLV bank: Latvia’s Money-Laundering Litmus Test ACAMS moneylaundering.com October 18, 2018
The Chess Grandmaster Battling Latvian Money Laundering OZY September 19, 2018
Latvia: The thriller passes through the central park EURACTIV September 9, 2018
Bank robbery: the ‘theft of the century’ and a house in Fishponds The Bristol Cable August 22, 2018
Latvia’s money laundering mud fight  Politico August 20, 2018
EU prepares crackdown on ‘citizenship for sale’  Financial Times August 12, 2018
Tram line tender documents may have been forged ENG.LSM.LV July 4, 2018
Latvia’s central bank chief faces bribery trial  Financial Times June 28, 2018
Transparency organization: ABLV bank self-liquidation comes with risk  ENG.LSM.LV June 22, 2018
Latvia investigates complaint linking bank to Russian fraud REUTERS June 22, 2018
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