Delna played a major role in the formation of the original Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB), and in its early years the KNAB was Delna’s main state partner. In years 2011-2016, the situation radically changed, and in relation to the KNAB, Delna was forced to act as watchdog. At present, Delna has the highest level of competence and experience in observing and evaluating the work of  KNAB. In November 2018 Delna’s Director was elected as a Chair of KNAB’s Public Advisory Council.


Delna’s main strategic tasks are as follows:

• To support the renewal of the effective work of the KNAB under the leadership of Director Mr. Jēkabs Straume.
• To prepare proposals for the future development of the KNAB.
• To support the KNAB’s anti-corruption initiatives.
• To educate the public about the vital importance of the work of an effective KNAB to the reinforcement of national security.



Delna’s realm of activity encompasses the following goals:

  • To improve the quality of criminal investigations, particularly within investigative bodies;
  • To ensure that the Prosecutor’s Office and courts explain their decisions to society under the legislative framework;
  • To achieve closer collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior in reducing corruption within the system of home affairs;
  • To improve supervision of money laundering and anti-terrorism, and legislative regulation thereof;
  • To improve the work of the courts and to lobby for the accountability of judges for ensuring open courts free of corruption, concurrently respecting the rights and interests of the parties to the proceedings;
  • To achieve the publication on the Internet of all court rulings that have been announced in open trials;
  • To achieve publication of the names of defendants found guilty after court rulings that have come into force in regard to all published court rulings for criminal proceedings that have been announced in open trials.




  • TRAINING LAW ENFORCEMENT INSTITUTIONS. In 2018 and 2019, Delna, together with experts from the Latvian Lawyers’ Association and the Riga Stradins University, trained investigators and public officials on the investigation of corruption, shadow economy and money laundering within the framework of the Public Administration School module.


  • STRENGTHENING CORRUPTION RISK MANAGEMENT OF COURT ADMINISTRATION. In 2018, Delna developed a plan for the prevention of corruption risks for District and Regional Courts, within the framework of the Court Administration Procurement.


  • CONSULTING PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL. Delna was involved in the effective implementation of teaching in the Latvian School of Public Administration’s project “Professional Development of Human Resources in Public Administration for Preventing Corruption and Reducing the Shadow Economy”, consulting the Public Administration School on the selection of the necessary teaching modules and participating in the teaching process.
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