Anti-Corruption Priorities for Latvia in 2013

  1. A court system that’s effective and immunized against delays
    1. Legislative changes to improve efficiency of the legal process, decrease delays
    2. Free courts of non-actionable cases
    3. Fewer appeals for some groups of cases
    4. Wider use of written case procedure
    5. Introduction of mediation


  1. Uniform and sufficient legal protection framework for corruption whistleblowers
    1. Whistleblower protection legislation for the public and private sectors
    2. Development of internal reporting mechanisms in institutions and enterprises
    3. Financial compensation for the whistleblowers, if a significant public benefit has occured


  1. Effective anti-corruption agency (KNAB)
    1. Work finished on the “big cases” (Daimler and Riga City Council, Latvenergo and Alstom, “Oligarchs’ case”)
    2. Sufficient budget, draft reviewed only at parliamentary level
    3. Criminal liability of legal persons


  1. Transparent and accountable Parliament (Saeima)
    1. Transparent committee work – internet broadcast, registration of lobbyists
    2. Establishment of a policy analysis unit
    3. State’s Audit Office audit of Parliament’s Administration
    4. Audit of Parliament’s Garage


  1. Freedom of Information Act really implemented
    1. Publication of classified information lists on institutions’ websites
    2. Full transparency, as foreseen by law, when a body uses state or municipal funds or property
    3. Supervisory body on law’s implementation


  1. Fewer public procurement corruption risks
    1. Publication of all contracts (and amendments) online
    2. Administrative penalties for violations of Public Procurement Law, supervision by the Public Procurement Office


  1. Corruption reduction in local governments
    1. Control of administrative resource misuse before the municipal elections
    2. Selection of all staff based on merit, competitively


  1. Due process and merit-based selection of top officials
    1. Establishment of clear, actionable selection criteria
    2. Nomination of candidates also by interest groups
    3. Assessment of professional and managerial skills
    4. Declaration of candidates at least one month before selection


  1. Effective governance of state- and municipality-owned enterprises and ports
    1. Implementation of the “centralized management model” implementation, including substantial transparency and accountability improvements
    2. Setting-up of professional boards and councils in all cases
    3. Significant improvement of transparency and good governance in ports


  1. Restored reputation of the Constitutional Court
    1. Higher criteria for candidate judges (e.g., at least master’s degree in law, proven research track record)
    2. Distancing of persons under criminal investigation from Court’s decision making

Anti-Corruption Priorities of Latvia in 2013 presentation:

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